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50/50 Cooperative Crowdfunding is the World's Fastest
And Most Rewarding Crowdfunding System EVER!

About the system: The CEO David Rosen, who started 50/50 fast crowdfunding in october 2018, has been doing crowdfunding systems since 2002. His company only offers webhosting along with high-tech software created by experienced professional programmers. They do not take part in taking in any donations. 100% of all donations are done peer-to-peer (person-to-person) and the donations are sent immediately without having to wait for the 2x2 matrix to fill. This is a totally legal way to do crowdfunding. There are no laws against people donating money to people directly.

Warning: Over the past couple of years there have been many new crowd funding systems especially with bitcoin popping up. Most of which are fully automatic and claim to be the next big thing. Some of these have good intentions but they are amateurs and their systems fail because they do not have the experienced programmers to handle the complicated software that is needed to handle massive numbers of people and transactions. Plus their matrixes are too big and impossible to fill. Also, some are scams that promise the world and then disappear. Beware of crowd funding systems that take in the donations themselves and disperse them automatically. These systems are subject to government and tax intervention and legal actions. Peer to peer systems are the safest way to do crowd funding in which the people behind 50/50 have been doing since 2002.

As explained above, all donations are done peer to peer, which means there is no middleman and the system does not take part in the receiving of donations. However, the system does charge a semi-annual fee of $29 to use the real-time donation-tracking software in your back-office and covers webhosting as well as programming cost. You can pay the $29 half-yearly fee with Credit Card, bitcoin and/or tokens from you sponsor. In your back office, you can write in unlimited ways to accept donations. You can use bitcoin, cash or checks sent postal, paypal, stp and just about any payment system you want. The more options you have the better for the global populations. Remember though that many do not have bitcoin so do not make it your only method of receiving or giving donations.

Note: Do NOT register unless you have the funds ready to make the required (2 times $125) donations. 50/50 fast crowdfunding really works fast! If you wait to make your donations, you may miss out on overspill! Once you join and make your 2 donations, you can start sharing the 5050 crowdfunding system to others. In addition, you will need to login daily to your back office to track all your donations – given and recieved.

About Overspill: All donations are split in half, half going to the referrer and the other half goes to another person in the 2x2 "follow me" matrix. This means someone will always be getting overspill. Overspill is great because you can receive most of your initial payment back without any referrals at all, which is always good to be working on house money. However, you will need to get 2 referrals to cycle into the next wheelhouse. 50/50 fast crowdfunding is a team cooperative crowdfunding system in which all team members work together to help others get 2 referrals. Once you and your team members each have 2 referrals, you and your team will be cycling over and over again. Since your team always follows you, you will receive future donations from the same 6 people over and over again.

Disclaimer: Any donation claims presented on this website are not intended to serve as a guarantee of receiving donations. Instead, they're designed to give you an idea of what's possible. Success in any opportunity requires taking action, work, leadership and dedication. Disclosure documents are located on this website.

This website is not an official website authorised by 50/50 fast Crowdfunding. It is a private team website made for the purpose of sharing the 50/50 fast Crowdfunding System. 50/50 Crowdfunding is not responsible for any statements made on this website. All people worldwide are welcome to take part in this great system.

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